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Remembering Our Independence


Two-hundred forty-one years ago, a group of 56 men gathered together in Philadelphia to declare themselves and their countrymen free from the tyranny of the British Empire.

These men, elected representatives from the 13 colonies, made a decision that changed the history of the world and created the first nation founded as a Christian nation.

The Declaration of Independence was a dangerous document, slapping King George in the face. Placing their names on it was signing their own death warrant. Yet those men did so willingly, pledging their lives, their liberty and their sacred honor to the cause.

This wasn’t a light pledge either. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were, by and large, well off. While most weren’t what we’d call part of the one-percent today, they were business owners and men of means, important men in their communities. They had much to lose, if their bid for freedom failed.

The American revolution isn’t unique in world history. Many other countries have been birthed out of similar rebellions, especially in Latin America.

But it is unique in that it was our rebellion and that it gave birth to the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. The United States of America, once nothing more than a smattering of colonies owned by European countries, has become the beacon of freedom for the whole world.

As a country, America has been unique. We are a country of immigrants, more than any other country in the world. We have declared it from the rooftops and we have accepted the refuse of other countries for over two centuries. The inscription on the Statue of Liberty says:

Throughout our history, we have taken the worlds castaways, and we still do so today. While debate rages about illegal immigration and Syrian refugees, the US takes in a million immigrants per year, each and every year. We take those with a dream in their eye and give them something they were missing where they came from opportunity.

For it is this, the chance of opportunity, which has brought immigrants to our shores ever since the first settlers came from Europe. Whether it is the opportunity of religious freedom, the opportunity for financial gain or simply the opportunity for a fresh start and adventure, America has always offered opportunity to those who came.

This has drawn a certain type of person to our country. Whether they came here from European aristocracy, an African village or to leave the crowding of the Far East, the people who have migrated to the United States, whether legally or illegally, all have the same characteristic. They are people who are willing to take a chance, break out of the norm, think outside the box, defy the societies that they left and look for something better. They all placed their lives on the table, saying “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Perhaps they didn’t realize that their very lives were the chip they were placing on the gambling table, yet they were. Some, like the Cuban refugees who have crossed the waters on small, leaky, overcrowded boats have been more aware of their potential to lose their lives, yet they have willingly taken the risk, with the dream of freedom and a better life to lead them on. Others didn’t know the risks, yet the same dream led them too, even leading some to their deaths.

But these people, all of them, were fighters. Not in the sense of brawling, but fighting for survival. They will do whatever they have to, in order to make their way in the world.

Unlike the snowflakes with their entitlement mentality, they will take whatever work they can, working as many hours as they have to, without spending their day on their cell phones, as they need to, in order to make it. Many will even become business owners, making the sacrifice and taking the risk necessary to start their own business.

The types of people who migrate to the United States are thinkers, even if they aren’t educated. They look for solutions, finding a way, and making things work. As such, they are inventors, creating something out of what seems like almost nothing and turning that something into a success.

It is this work ethic and inventiveness that has built this country into the world’s financial powerhouse. Others complain about American riches, but they haven’t made the sacrifices and put in the effort to accomplish what we have. In some cases, their countries are filled with the richness of natural resources, yet they haven’t taken advantage of them.

Ask yourself this; why is it that Europe, Australia, the United States and Japan are the richest countries in the world? Is it because we have more natural resources? No. Is it because of some racial superiority? Again, no.

The only thing that has made these parts of the world as rich as they are, is the hard work of their citizens. The only exception to this is the Middle East, where riches have grown out of their natural resources (petroleum). But they are the exception, not the rule.

America was built by the sweat of our ancestors’ brows. Many of them, coming here as immigrants, worked the most menial, back-breaking jobs, in order to survive. But their children had it better than they did, and their grandchildren even better.

By that third generation they were no longer immigrants, but fully assimilated into American culture and society. They were Americans.

A nation of hard-working innovators, who have built the world’s greatest economy and are protected by the world’s greatest military. We have reason for pride in our country, as we are the model the rest of the world looks to. The experiment in democracy started by the Founding Fathers in 1776 has been a success, at least to this point.

Yet there are those who would destroy the success, loathing the very fact of who we are. They have turned their back on America and are trying to build a new America, one that is not founded upon the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but upon their own whims, their own desires, and a desire to take from the rich (everyone else) in order to give to the poor (themselves).

These people deem themselves better than anyone else. Not, I must add, because of anything that they’ve accomplished, but simply because of who they are. They have decided that they are better than anyone else, the elite; simply because their ideas are better… they know that, because they constantly remind each other of it.

We have just seen eight years of what the “elite” can do to our country, as Barack Obama tried to recreate the USA into his own image. Through it, he has degraded our country’s credit rating, destroyed businesses with overregulation, weakened our military and made the United States to seem weak before the world’s eyes.

His policies have undermined marriage, our national work ethic and our economy. Had he been able to continue on the road he laid out, he would have destroyed this country.

It is time to return to the greatness that our ancestors envisioned for our country. We need to return to our constitutional roots. That means more than just draining the swamp, it means getting rid of much of it. The Founding Fathers clearly intended a limited federal government, as described in the Constitution.

Yet the federal government we have today has become a behemoth of red tape, regulations and overreaching bureaucrats, trying to control people’s lives. Yes, there is a need for some regulation. Yes, people and companies will do bad things if they are not watched. But there comes a time where the watchers in government do more harm than good, and we’ve clearly passed that point.

Last November’s elections were a crossroads. Would we, as a nation, continue down the road to destruction that Obama paved or would we return to our roots and become a great nation again. It seems that the people have spoken, and they have spoken for greatness, not destruction.

Even so, there are countless millions of the elite and their low-information voters who follow them like lemmings. They stand against our country’s greatness; seeking to go the path of socialism and destroying what previous generations have built. They have not slithered away into the shadows, but continue to riot and complain, in a prolonged scream against losing the election.

We, the people of the United States of America, must stand strong if our country is to survive.

There are many powers in the world, some in darkness and others in the light, who are clamoring for our destruction. They want to undo what the Founding Fathers did over two centuries ago. They have their own vision, and it’s not of a strong America. Rather, it’s of America gone and replaced by a one–world socialist government, with them at the helm.

This fight will not end soon. Donald Trump will not be able to eliminate it on his own. For the powers arrayed against our freedom are vast. They can be patient when they need to and they can move when the time is right for their purposes. They will strike, when they feel they can win.

For this reason, the “silent majority” can afford to be silent no longer. We can’t go back into our homes and live a quiet life. We must be ready to defend the republic and defend freedom. History requires it. The Founding Fathers require it. But most importantly, our children and grandchildren require it.

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